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Thank You Dr. Anna Liu

View: 1234 times  Date: 2019-03-14
“Having Dr. Anna Liu performing acupuncture on my left shoulder today helped me get rid of the pain I’ve been enduring for over three months. In my opinion, Dr. Liu is an extremely knowledgeable individual, she went over a lot of questions regarding my health into aspects that I did not think would matter in performing acupuncture. She carefully proceeded to work on my body making sure that whatever she did was done at the precise location of the body where it would benefit me the most. My biggest issues were pain and weakness in my left shoulder. Working very gently and with patience, Dr. Liu performed with precision and it only took one acupuncture needle to start relieve the pain. Over the next few minutes Dr. Liu told me what motion my arm and shoulder to do to slowly reduce the pain. I highly recommend Dr. Liu as an Acupuncture doctor, I am positive she can help anyone to get pain relief.” by Lucio K. 

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