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Clarification on use of vaccines at ParkwayHealth

View: 600 times  Date: 2018-07-22

ParkwayHealth fully complies with regulations on the management and distribution of vaccines. All our vaccines are purchased from the local Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and distributed by CDC cold chain under strict control. Every batch of vaccine is traceable.

We do NOT use any product nor substandard vaccines from Changchun Chang¬sheng Bio-tech Co. Ltd.

To ensure the quality of our vaccines, we have equipped our vaccine storage system with sophisticated monitoring and alarm response mechanisms. This includes a 24-hour electronic cold chain monitoring system that controls storage temperature and early warning mechanism that enables medical staff to respond to any storage issue in a timely manner.

We will continue to give our full cooperation and support to the strict implementation of the national regulations and protocols on vaccines, to ensure we provide quality healthcare services that meet international safety standards.

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