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How to dress for an air conditioned environment

Author: ParkwayHealth   View:826 times  Date: 2018-12-20


As the heat begin to overwhelm us, we wonder how we’d survive without air conditioning. However while it's melting outside, you may be freezing inside, especially at the office where it’s quite impossible for you and you co-workers to agree on the ideal inside temperature. That being said, we've rounded up some of the best ways to stay warm in those blistering cold offices this summer:

  • Layer up: bring an extra sweater or jacket with you to the office. If that doesn't seem warm enough, you can also invest in a comfortable polar fleece blanket and keep it at your desk.
  • Wear pants: loose-fitting pants are light enough to wear outside on warm days, but offer much more fabric than a skirt or Bermuda short. Wear them as often as you can.
  • Choose close-toed shoes: Sandals are tempting in the hot weather, but if you're sitting at your desk with your feet basically out in the open, you're going to get cold. Try to wear close-toed shoes to keep your feet warm. If you don't want to give up sandals, keep a pair of socks or slippers under your desk to change into while you're sitting around.
  • Wrap up in a scarf or a shawl: A large scarf or shawl is always a good choice to keep your neck warm.
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